The Pros and Cons of a Spring Soaking

Lynchburg, VA - What could possibly be good about all the spring rain? It certainly makes for a messy, nasty day outside.

But before you think it's all bad, there are a lot of positives the wet stuff can provide.

For instance, you don't have to get out there and water the garden as much. Also, an official for the city of Lynchburg says rain is required for the city's drinking water.

As for the cons; well, they speak for themselves.

Rain: It's a slick, sloppy, sad reality of spring.

And even a child knows how much of a bummer it can be. "What's good about the rain, anything?" asked reporter James Gherardi.

"No" said a little girl.

"What happens when it rains? What happens to you?" asked James.

"I feel sad" said the little girl.

And all the wet stuff certainly makes reporting the news harder.

ABC 13 Videographer, Levi Washburn stood outside trying to collect footage in all the rain for hours. Constantly having to clean the camera lens is no fun either.

The rain halted construction on Fifth Street in Lynchburg, slowed cars to a crawl across town.

There's no denying that rain presents problems, and this spring we're already almost an inch above our annual average.

But not everyone resents the rain.

"We'd certainly rather have too much rain than not enough when it comes to the drinking water supply" said Lynchburg's Director of the Department of Water Resources.

Mitchell, says when reservoirs become too low, they have to pull drinking water from the James River. Water there requires more treatment; the city's forced to remove far more algae and contaminants.

Mitchell says moderate spring rainfall is a must; especially when summer comes and the potential for drought increases.

"If we have a good level of ground water, you know the water table's high, then that's going to last us a longer period of time in the summer" said Mitchell.

But still, some will say any rain is rough, "Because kids can't go outside and play" said the little girl.

Rain sticks in the forecast through Wednesday. Too much rain, always a concern; as of Monday night, much of the viewing area was still under a flood watch.