The Prizery Seeks Funding From Halifax Town Council

South Boston, VA - The Prizery in South Boston is the Southside's premiere arts venue, but they the need the help of local governments to get funding if they want to keep operating.

In their latest effort, Prizery officials have appealed to neighboring towns to get support.

"The Virginia Commission will offer up to $5,000 if localities will match that, " said Barbara Speece, president of the Prizery Board of Directors.

Speece went before Halifax town council to ask them to apply for a grant from the Virginia Commission for the Arts.
The Prizery already receives Commission funds, but each governing body in the county can apply for their own grant, meaning more money for the venue.
"Currently the town of South Boston and Halifax County are already participating, " Speece said.
According to Speece, many of the Prizery's patrons live in the town of Halifax. She says the arts space is an important cultural outlet for everyone in the area.
"All of our pre-k students in public schools come to the Prizery for exposure in music, art, and dance, and again, what a wonderful experience, " Speece said.
Honey Davis is a realtor in Halifax County, and she depends on the Prizery to market the community to her potential customers.
"We take them around and show them the community, and the Prizery really is the crown jewel of this neighborhood, " said Davis.
In a time where funding for the arts is scarce, artistic director Chris Jones says this will be an ongoing process.
"Funding for a non-profit is constant, " Jones said.
But they are hoping to get as many localities on board as possible to make sure the show can still go on.
"Meeting operating expenses is a challenge. Fundraising is at the top of our list, " Speece said.
Many town council members say they are on board with the idea of supporting the venue.
They are considering an application for a $2,500 grant for a total of $5,000 to the Prizery.