The Prizery Fighting to Fund Summer Theatre Program

South Boston, VA - The Prizery Theatre in South Boston is asking for your help to pay for one of their most expensive and valuable programs.

They've set up an online account to raise $25,000 in pledges over a 30 day period.

In the last two days, they've managed to raise more than$5,000. The money is helping them pay for their summer theatre program.

Summer Theatre puts local students side by side with theatre professionals. Those at The Prizery say the program is beneficial in so many ways.

"It's part of a Halifax County destination piece, it's part of our tourism piece, and of course, maybe the most important thing is the work that the kids here get to do with professional theatre folks," said Chris Jones, the artistic director at The Prizery.

If you'd like to help The Prizery, they have a link to their Kickstarter fundraising account on their website.