The Old Amherst County Jail Renovations Complete

Amherst, Co, VA- The old Amherst County Jail has gotten a complete renovation. Construction started last October and just finished a month ahead of schedule.

The building had been empty for three years since the county jail consolidated to the Blue Ridge Regional Jail Authority. Knowing the Sheriff's Office needed more space, the Amherst County Board of Supervisors decided to renovate, and two and a half million dollars later, the Sheriff's Office has a new home.

The main challenge in turning a jail into a Sheriff's Office- the concrete., with 8 inch thick concrete making up the walls, floors, and ceilings of the jail-- it took a lot of time to demolish it, but they say all that work was worth it.

They now have offices and storage and what the Sheriff says is much needed space for proper evidence storage.

There's a secure garage space for cars that may be evidence in a case, and a biohazard machine dries any blood or bodily fluid before it's sent to the forensics lab for testing. Before, officers had to hang evidence from the ceiling at the Public Safety building to dry it.

There's even space open to the public if there's ever need for an emergency shelter, complete with a kitchen.