The "Gourd Father" Makes Eclectic Gourd Art

Lynchburg, VA- A Lynchburg artist calls himself "The Gourd Father". He transforms gourds into original works of art.

Mike Connelly was first inspired to work with gourds after he bought a gourd bird house at the Amherst Apple Festival a few years ago. He now works with the gourds almost every day. For the past six years Mike Connolly has created gourd art in every size, shape, and color.

There's a gourd for every season, and some even resemble ancient pottery. Connolly orders the gourds from Amish gourd farms in Pennsylvania and a farm in Georgia. He says he always has a raw gourd supply on hand.

Connolly says he has had a few people contact him wanting to buy his gourds, but other than that he sticks to making them for himself and his grandkids.