The Crown Restaurant Has New Owner

Lynchburg, VA - A well-known restaurant in the Hill City is about to undergo some big changes. The Crown on Fort Avenue has been closed temporarily. The executive chef is buying it and has plans to renovate.

Mary-Angela Ott says she will introduce a new menu with an Italian steakhouse flavor. She is also changing the lighting, improving the kitchen, and adding a lounge.

Another big change is the name. Starting in November, The Crown will be 511 Porter - her late grandmother's address.

"It hit me. I'm going to name it 511. It's not just about grandmom Nina. It's about family, it's about serving people. It's about food, it's about community. She fed a community," said Ott.

Ott plans to re-open the restaurant November 1. She also wants to donate some of the proceeds from her sales to orphanages around the world.