The Countdown Begins: Who Will Win the $550 Million Powerball?

Madison Heights, VA - The $550 million in Wednesday night's Powerball has a lot of people dreaming about what they would do with all that money.

"I'd take it all. I'd take it all," said Emmett Hughes, who played the lottery.

"I would jump up and get on the telephone and call my brother who lives next door to me and I'd say, 'Jelly, I done won it!" and I'd be hollering and carrying on and everything," said Arnold Jordan, a player.

"I can't show you what I would do, because I might have a heart attack," said Donald Thompson.

"The first thing I would do is buy a home. Not here, in Myrtle Beach somewhere," said Joyce Eckel.

The countdown is on, and everyone seems to be in a giving mood this holiday season.

"Thank you Jesus! Hallelujah!" exclaimed Teresa Chambers.

"I'm going to give you some too, ma'am," said Hughes in laughter.

Doctor Xavier Retnam, a math professor for Central Virginia Community College, says chances of winning are slim.

"The chance of getting a Royal Flush is 270 times larger than this," said Retnam.

He says the odds of winning are one in more than 175 million. According to the Huffington Post, you are more likely to "die by hornet" or become a celebrity.

"I'm already a celebrity. I just got on WSET and I got the winning ticket," said Chambers.

People are not concerned about the odds because they say somebody's got to win.

"They might hear me for about a mile making noise. It would be something going on. That's for sure," said Jordan.

"The lucky winning ticket. That's right. Right here. You want to win, you better play these numbers," said Thompson showing his tickets.

According to Powerball's website, a winner will be named (If they have all six numbers) at 10:59 p.m. Wednesday.