The Colonial Restaurant Opens Under New Owners

Campbell Co., VA -- A Campbell County restaurant is back in business. You may remember The Colonial Restaurant closed earlier this year. Well, now they have new ownership and a different menu and they are ready for business.

They opened their doors Tuesday morning at 6 and they have been packed since. The Colonial has been remodeled from the inside out, but customers seem pretty happy the minute they sit down.

The kitchen has been heating up and the seats filling up at The Colonial Restaurant.

"I'm just very happy that it's open," said June Kelly, Customer.

"The food is so good," said Annette Catron, Customer.

When the restaurant shut its doors seven months ago, cook Jeri Dawkins lost her home away from home.

"It was heartbreaking because I loved the people that I worked with and we got put out of a job," said Dawkins.

But now, the owner of Jumbo, Pat Johnson, moved locations, taking The Colonial Restaurant building and name and keeping the Jumbo menu.

"I think the people on this side of town were very sorry for it close. They were sad when it closed and now they have somewhere to come back to," said Johnson.

"Once this place closed down I think for the older people they didn't have no where to go and I think they really liked coming here. So when we opened back up we've been busy since we opened," said Dawkins.

Johnson says it was important to keep The Colonial name and the same home-style cooking.

"That's what it always was. It opened up as and always has been," said Johnson.

The new location offers a bigger space, a broader customer base, and an opportunity for former employees like Dawkins to return to her roots.

"I was like 'wow I'm going back home'," said Dawkins.

The Colonial Restaurant was pretty famous for their pies. They say now, they still have pies, but their specialities are strawberry shortcake and hamburger steaks.