The Best Proposal Story Winners: Kevin & Nicole

Lynchburg, VA - We received tons of submissions in our search for the "Best Proposal" story, and after narrowing them down to five, you voted for your favorite. Kevin and Nicole, our "Amazing Race" couple took first place. To some, a cemetery is a place you go to grieve, or pay your respects.

"The cemetery, it's a peaceful and beautiful place," said Kevin Richards.

Others get the heebee jebees just going in it.

"There's some beautiful architecture, aside from the gravestones."

But Kevin Richard isn't exactly a predictable guy....never was.

"I mean, that's Kevin. He doesn't do things in an orthodox way a lot of times," said Nicole Stickl, Kevin's' Fiance.

Including the way he expresses his love. Two years of dating but Kevin had never told his girlfriend, Nicole those three little words.

"I had told someone that I loved them before, but I didn't really mean it. It was very childish," he said.

For Nicole, he wanted to do it right.

"I want to show you that I love you first before I actually say it," said Kevin.

Kevin set up a scavenger hunt through Lynchburg similar to the TV show "Amazing Race." He made a Facebook event for it, invited friends to join, and put his girlfriend Nicole on one of the teams.

Each clue leading one step closer to the finish line where Kevin waited anxiously.

"It's very easy to go buy a girl some flowers, but I think it means more if you really put some time and thought into it."

In the end, only Nicole's team would make it to the finish line.

Kevin's last clue for the other teams read, "This is the last stop. You have been a part of my plan to propose to Nicole." He instructed them to wait at his parents' house for their arrival.

Little did Nicole know Kevin made this race just for her.

"I looked down and saw roses and said....'Oh this is happening,'" said Nicole.

And the final clue on this truly amazing race wasn't a clue at all, rather a symbol of his love.

"I think I had trouble getting the ring on," said Kevin.

"Yeah, You were shaking," said Nicole.

So Kevin asked Nicole for her hand in marriage, but not in a restaurant, not in a park, but in a graveyard.

"I certainly never thought I would get engaged in a confederate cemetery either," said Nicole.

"It's till death do us part right?" joked Kevin.

In a place where life ends, this couple embarked on a new one together. That's the kind of guy Kevin is.

"It's probably good for me because it takes me out of my comfort zone and makes life a lot more fun," said Nicole.

After all, what about the married life is predictable? Not much.