Thanksgiving Fires Remain a Concern for Area Fire Departments

Danville, VA - According to the US Fire Administration, the number one cause of home fires and injuries is cooking.

The administration reports that around 2,000 fires flare up on Thanksgiving Day. In the City of Danville, most fires are caused by unattended cooking. There are ways, however, to protect your home and yourself.

Unfortunately, Danville Fire Marshal Shelby Irving explains that unattended cooking fires are still keeping them busy.

"We do see a little bit more right now with the holidays coming up," said Irving. He says that most cooking fires do not even get reported because they are so small. The reality is, that their fire department goes on fire calls up to three times a week.

"In the last five years we've had a total of four calls relating to cooking on Thanksgiving day and they were small," said Irving.

To prevent a cooking catastrophe, Irving suggests you avoid wearing loose fitting clothing that can easily catch fire and make sure you take proper precautions if you fry a turkey.

"Make sure you stay in the kitchen if you are using your top four burners at all times," said Irving.

The Life Saving Crew is also ready for home cooked disasters. They say burns and cuts often happen in the kitchen and offer tips to help yourself in the event of a minor burn.

"You want to cool it, put some cool water, cool fluid, rinse it off for a few minutes and then you want to dry it with a sterile dressing, a cloth, something that is clean and then you may have some ointment you can put on at home," said Robbie Woodall, director of the life saving crew.

If the burn blisters, or start a fire seek medical attention if you do start a fire this holiday, make sure you have a fire extinguisher ready and call 911 so help can get to you quickly.

"We are always ready around the clock, we never close," said Irving.

Fire officials say another reason for cooking fires during the holidays are all of the distractions with friends and family that get together for dinner. Even if have a small fire, and are able to put it out yourself, your local fire department suggests to give them a call just to be on the safe side.

Hot spots can linger even after the fire appears to be out.

If you want more tips, check out the US Fire Administration website.