Thankful Trick or Treaters Hit the Streets of Lynchburg

Photographer: Levi Washburn

Lynchburg, VA- As another Halloween comes to a finish, in some areas of the country, it will be one for the record books, followed by tales of trick or treating lost to Superstorm Sandy.

We found that a lot of folks in our area were just grateful to even have a Halloween this year. They were thankful to have been spared the storm's wrath. And as we found out Halloween night, that thankfulness makes the cold air, a little less bitter.

Every year it's a battle. Is the candy really worth the chattering teeth? But it takes more than low temperatures to break the Halloween spirit of these folks.

The main reason people are so eager to enjoy themselves this Halloween, because so many others won't get to. Millions in the Northeast are just trying to survive through the wreckage of Superstorm Sandy.

"Yeah, you think about that you know it's pretty tragic. The kids being stuck in hotels and everything. That's something a kid looks forward to that every year," said Joan Ochs, the parent of trick or treaters.

Isaiah Knight just moved to Lynchburg from New Jersey. He was in the Garden State when Hurricane Irene hit last year.

"It's bad, it's really rough," he said.

But he says Sandy was a different monster all together.

"I got a lot of friends on the shore. It was disastrous, completely devastated. Friends with houses that just got completely washed away," said Knight.

Knight says with devastation like that, there is no Halloween.

"They're around the campfire and that's what they're doing, they are grilling their food because there's no electricity, there's no power.

And no candy waiting behind decorated doors.

Some trick or treaters might not understand what kind of heartbreak Sandy caused this week. But they do understand, no candy.

"Reporter: What would you do if Halloween didn't happen? Girl: Scream."

Another woman we spoke with said she wasn't really worried about the storm ruining Halloween for our area. She said if we had gotten some sort of damage, the community would have come together like it did this summer after the derecho.