Textile Business Expanding in Martinsville

Martinsville, VA - A Martinsville textile business is expanding and adding much needed jobs to the area.

Solid Stone Fabrics announced Tuesday morning they are creating 16 new jobs and investing $1 million over the next 3 years.
The company says their overwhelming success so far has allowed them to expand. They currently have 24 employees, but soon they will have two locations and a total of 40 people working for them.
Martinsville is no stranger to textile manufacturers, but in the past few years they've seen more leave town and fewer announcements like this.
"It was great to come back home and help an area that has been hurting so bad and lost so much," said David Stone, President of Solid Stone Fabrics.
Stone announced an expansion of their current Martinsville business. They've already started moving into a second facility in Uptown.
"In another 24 hours all orders will be received and shipped out of that building," said Stone.
This will come with a $1 million investment in new equipment and 16 new jobs over 3 years.
"In a town like Martinsville, every job counts," said Stone.
Solid Stone creates fabrics for various markets, like dance costumes or a swim team. In this new location they will focus on distribution.
Martinsville Mayor Kim Adkins has come to terms with the hardships the city has faced.
"Every city has its ebbs and flows and we've had our ebbs over the last decade," said Adkins.
Adkins says more announcements should be coming their way, this is just the start.
"We've turned that corner and there is light at the end of the tunnel for business expansion and development in the city of Martinsville," said Adkins.
Solid Stone has already hired 2 of their 16 new employees. But they still have some openings. They say they need a range of skill sets but you have to have some computer skills. If you want to apply go to their main location on Fayette Street.