Texas Roadhouse Manager Takes Job in Kuwait

Reporter: Shelley Basinger

Lynchburg, VA - A Lynchburg restaurant manager is making a big step up the career ladder, one that's landing him in the Middle East.

Brandon Everett started washing dishes at the Texas Roadhouse in 2002. Over time, he worked his way up and became kitchen manager a few years ago.

When the corporate office started looking for managers to go overseas, Everett decided to apply.

After a lengthy interview process, he got the job to be a kitchen manager at a Texas Roadhouse opening in Kuwait City. He got to check it out in February.

"Really, what got me to make the decision to go is it's sort of like Lynchburg, it has a small, hometown-type feel to it, everyone is super friendly, it made me more comfortable with going," said Everett.

Brandon leaves for Dubai on Monday. He'll train there until the new restaurant opens in September.