Testimony Begins in Danville Murder Trial

Danville, VA - The man accused of shooting a woman and dumping her dead body along a Danville highway is having his day in court.

Wednesday was the first day of a jury trial for Fenton Terry. He's is charged with first degree murder in the death of Kendra Stokes.

Stokes' body was found just off Route 29 in Danville in April 2011.

Several people took the stand, from forensic experts to Police to friends of Kendra Stokes.

Stokes' best friend testified about the night of her death. He explained that Stokes had contacted him earlier about helping her get fake marijuana. He said he purchased rabbit food and put it in a bag.

Later, surveillance video from an Exxon station matched his description of her getting into his car where he said she exchanged $800 for the fake marijuana.

She then got into a white Mazda 626, which police testified was later found at Fenton Terry's house.

Stokes' mother was at the trial Wednesday.

"I just want to know why. There's nothing that could have been that bad. He left her on the side of the road like she was road kill or something. That's the worst thing you can get," said Phyllis Rodgers.

The trial is scheduled to continue through the end of the week.