Terry McAuliffe Stops in Roanoke, Talks About Government Shutdown

Roanoke, VA - Democratic candidate for Governor Terry McAuliffe was in Roanoke Friday touting his plan agriculture plan.

But the only thing anyone wanted to hear were his views on the government shutdown and the expansion of Medicaid in Virginia.

McAuliffe called for politicians to work together for progress, followed immediately by placing the blame on the shutdown on the Tea Party.

He went on to say the shutdown was a tool for their "ideological battle."

McAuliffe also called for bi-partisanship to work together to expand Medicaid, a move that would cover 400,000 more Virginians. But it's also a move that would free up millions of dollars in Virginia's general fund that could be used for other things like education - including SOL reform.

"This Medicaid expansion, to bring $21 billion of our money back to Virginia, over the next several years to roll through our economy is critical and it's one reason why folks need to come out and vote," said McAulliffe.

McAuliffe says he knows he would have a fight ahead of him on Medicaid expansion, if he were elected, but says he believes he could get bi-partisan backing.

His opponent, Ken Cuccinelli, is on record many times opposing the expansion.

Cuccinelli also responded to the shutdown. He told the Richmond Times Dispatch that Congress needs to reopen the federal government and then fight over health care reform.

He says shuttering the government is not the right way for opponents of so-called Obamacare to gain some leverage to defeat the law.