Temperatures to Drop Well Into the 40s by Sunday Morning

Picture: Joshua Owens, Virgilina.

Lynchburg, VA - As a cool and dry air continues to move into the area Saturday evening, it will set the stage for one of the coldest nights of the late summer season.

High pressure moving in will keep our skies clear, and kill any breezes outside.

This allows for radiation al cooling. In other words, what little warmth we were able to get going Saturday, simply escapes out into space.

On cloudy and breezy nights, the combination tends to act as a virtual blanket, helping to hold some of the warmth into the night.

The air is bone dry. The lack of moisture in the air will allow for temperatures to plummet fast overnight.

As the night goes on, temperatures will be falling FAST by Sunday morning.

Most areas will see lows well into the middle 40s, with even a few upper 30s possible in colder valleys early Sunday.

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