Teens Taking Message of Safe Driving to Middle Schoolers

Bedford Co.,VA- Two Bedford County high schoolers are on a mission to take the message of safe driving to middle schoolers.

The two students go to Liberty High School and run the "Youth of Virginia Speak Out" Program there. The plan is to start up a YOVASO program at Bedford Middle School. The club teaches kids about the dangers of texting and driving and other distractions. The Liberty High students say they want younger kids to know how they can be play a role in safe driving.

"When they tell them too just stop texting or try to be more respectful and less distracting when their parents are driving," said Meg Tomlinson, a sophomore at Liberty High School.

"It's more about distracted driving than being the distraction and wearing their seatbelts," said Katie Martin, a sophomore at Liberty High School.

Liberty High has won several awards this year for YOVASO including YOVASO Club of the Year.