UPDATE: Teenage Attacker Gets 20 Years for Fatal Beating

Update 10:30 a.m.:

Lynchburg, VA - The last of the three teens who killed an elderly man in downtown Lynchburg has now learned his punishment.

A judge sentenced 17-year-old Vernon Jackson to 20 years in prison Friday morning.

He admitted to police he was the one who kicked 81-year-old George Baker the third in his side, breaking several of his ribs.

The hearing Friday marked the end of this case. And family members of George Baker say they hope they never have to see the inside of a courtroom again.

The family has traveled back and forth from Arizona for every single court date. They were here when the ringleader of the attack, Kenneth Davis received a 35 year sentence and when 14-year-old D'Antonio Davis learned he'd stay in the Juvenile Detention Center until his 21st birthday. Both were convicted of 1st degree murder.

Jackson received a reduced charge of second degree murder. Prosecutors claim he fully cooperated during the investigation and was the only one of the three to show any remorse.

Upon hearing today's sentence, Jackson's friends and family erupted in the courtroom, openly weeping and yelling at our cameras as they left.

"It was just the reality standing there that literally broke their hearts okay. And then the separation, he's been away for what over a year now already," said Rev. Annita Hogue, the Jackson family pastor.

George Baker's family will tell us how they are relieved the court cases are now over and where they stand on forgiving the three teens involved at ABC 13 News at 6.


Lynchburg, VA - The third attacker who beat an 81-year-old man to death in downtown Lynchburg is scheduled to be sentenced Friday morning.

Vernon Jackson, 17, pled guilty to a reduced charge of second degree murder in the killing of George Baker III last year.

The other two suspects have already been sentenced on first degree murder charges. The two were the leaders of the group.

Kenneth Davis, 17, was given 35 years in prison and D'Antonio Davis, who was 13 at the time of the murder, will remain in Juvenile Detention until he's 21.

Prosecutors say they revised the charge against Jackson because he was the only one who showed remorse, and he also agreed to testify against the other two.

The family of George Baker is expected to be there.

Updates to come.