Teen Drivers Don't Start Off Distracted

Lynchburg, VA - One driving instructor says he sees some students back in his classroom for driver improvement when they pick up bad habits behind the wheel.

Lizzie Bennett is 16 and has her learner's permit. She is learning as she goes along.

Bennett says she knows all about bad driving habits.

"Texting, not paying attention whether it's messing with the radio or being distracted by the things around or the people in your car," Bennett said.

As a driving instructor, Ken Frederick is the man between Lizzie and her license.

He hopes Lizzie holds onto her good habits.

"They think that they're doing really, really well in their driving and then they start doing other things in their driving along with it. The multi-tasking stuff causes them so many problems later on," Frederick said.

"The more comfortable you get the more you can kind of sway away from those things, but then you've got to remember that they can be hazardous," said Amber Waller.

Waller is another driving student.

"I never started with bad habits. I haven't had bad habits," Waller said.

Frederick hopes she never will.

"I had one here recently and I said what happened, why are you in the classroom and he said 'I'll be honest with you Mr. Frederick, I did something really stupid'," Frederick said.

Ken tells his students he can watch them behind the wheel for five minutes, and know how their parents drive.