Teen Brings Thousands of Gifts Ahead of Her Surgery

Troutville, VA - A Troutville teen is set to have brain surgery in Ohio Thursday morning and that means Savannah Day and her family will spend Christmas in the hospital.

But the 14 year old wanted to bring Christmas along with her to Cincinnati.

Day and her family set out to collect 500 toys for other sick kids in the hospital, but they ended up collecting 4000.

Wednesday Day and her sister Sierra Delby presented the staff with the gifts.

Day said she hopes to make a difference.

"Very surprised and I hope they know that someone cares about them," Day said.

"It really touched us because there are so many sick kids here and some of them don't get a Christmas," Delby said. "They have to stay a couple of months or a year. So we wanted to give them a Christmas."

Day got all those toys to Cincinnati thanks to a tractor trailer supplied by Norfolk Southern.

Her surgery Thursday is for a malformation in the brain that could lead to brain damage if it's not corrected.