Team Heads to New York for Sandy Relief

Images from Sandy.

Appomattox, VA - A team of volunteers from Virginia is getting ready to head to the disaster zone in New York to help out after Superstorm Sandy. 10 members with the Southern Baptist Convention are going to do what they can to help the area recover.

The three from Liberty Baptist Church in Appomattox know what's ahead of them will not be easy. Day after day, reports show the destruction that recent storms left behind in the Northeast. It's enough to make anyone want to help out. But all the dramatic pictures are not what motivates these guys to action.

"Personally I haven't seen anything. All I know is what I've heard," said Herbert Hamlett, volunteer.

Volunteer Bill Roraback says the sight of it all is too painful.

"These people have been working all their lives and losing just about everything they have. I just can't sit by and watch," said Roraback.

For him, the effects of a natural disaster hits close to home.

"I've never been through it, but my wife has, she's gone through the '55 flood. It was tough they lost their house," said Roraback.

All three of these men are retired but couldn't sit still for long. Herbert Hamlett has been responding to disasters for 20 years. This is Don Falls's first time.

"I've had friends that have gone through it and I think it's important to help people when you get a chance," said Falls.

Their motivation is simply to serve. For them this is just a way of life.

"I just love helping people," said Roraback.

This crew plans to spend a week helping with the cleanup in New York. They're set to leave this Sunday.