Tattoo Shop Supporting Autism Awareness

Lynchburg, VA - April is Autism Awareness Month and a Lynchburg Tattoo shop is helping the cause.

Caspian Tattoo is participating with an international organization called "Ink4Autism".

The organization encourages people to celebrate those in their lives that have autism by permanently showing their support with an autism themed tattoo.

Last year during Autism Awareness month, Ink4Autism raised more than $25,000 for autism research.

Caspian Tattoo said they decided to participate after one of their client's shared her story with them. She has a child with autism and wanted the shop to participate in this fundraiser. Owner David Casper said any money they earn from a tattoo representing someone's autism story will go straight to organizations that help raise autism awareness and offer resources. He said it is an issue that is close to most people's hearts.

"We all know somebody who has a child or a relative or somebody that has autism. So I think it's a great cause," said Casper.

If you'd like to learn more, you can check out Ink4Autism's Facebook page here.