Tattoo Parlor Offers Big Reward to Find Thieves

Roanoke, VA - A Roanoke tattoo artist is offering a $999 reward for information leading to whoever is responsible for burglarizing his tattoo parlor.

Joe Hegarty has been tattooing in the Roanoke Valley for nearly a quarter century and in that time has never had to deal with what happened earlier this month.

"Sean came in and said, 'Oh my God! Look somebody had broke the window!' We came in and someone had thrown a brick through the window," said Hegarty.

That led to the discovery that every single bit of tattoo equipment in the shop was gone.

Water thrown on the wood floors, and thieves took one of a kind tattoo guns specially made by some of the country's best. They took almost 50 in all.

Oddly enough everything else of value in the shop was left untouched.

"Like my guitar, computer, my stereo and other things that went untouched. They seemed to make a b-line for the tattoo equipment. Of course the alarm was going off so they didn't have much time," said Hegarty.

The cost? More than $24,000.

Fortunately for staff member Sean Adams, the crooks dropped a few of his.

"Not too bright. They dropped that equipment on the way out. I got that back... but that's about it," said Adams.

Which has helped keep the shop in business without a hitch.

But the crew wants justice.

"Even right down to our spray bottles. I guess either someone wants to set up a tattoo shop or... I don't know," said Hegarty.

More bad news for Hegarty came Thursday morning when he was told by his insurance agent that the theft is not covered in the policy.