Target in Danville has Smooth Black Friday Operation

Danville, VA-- It's the day after Black Friday and you have probably heard some Black Friday horror stories. Maybe some stories about disorderly crowds and impatient people. But this was not the case for one store in Danville. We talked to the store manager of Target and he said it takes months of planning to ensure a pleasant Black Friday experience.

Target was one of a few stores that opened its doors on Thanksgiving night.

"We were anticipating a big crowd and did have a bit bigger crowd than we did last year but it was certainly a lot of people in here," store manager Eric Frazier said.

Store manager Eric Frazier said being Black Friday ready, takes a lot of preparation.

Planning actually starts months in advance so we have to make sure we have the right people and the right team in place and you have to look at every facet of the business," Frazier said.

Target, along with other stores, hires seasonal workers to make sure everything is orderly while shoppers rush to take advantage of door busters. But Frazier says the key to avoiding those Black Friday horror stories, is planning for safety.

"As far as the feeling and how long it took the traffic to get into the building and the way we're able to make sure it was safe, a safe entry and safe exit," Frazier said.

Frazier says with a good team, and plenty of planning, Black Friday can actually be fun.

"We felt like that we were definitely well ready for the challenge and I felt like we had a great day," Frazier said.

But despite Target's smooth Black Friday operation, some shoppers still like to avoid the crowds.

"I think we just kind of wanted to be together and avoid the crowd so today we started out and we're having a good time today," shopper Brandi Neville said.

"This is our second time in Target today and pretty much the deals were the same as yesterday so I didn't miss out on anything," shopper Vanessa Palmer said.