Taking Advantage of Tax-Free Weekend to Get 'School Supplies'

Lynchburg, VA - Sunday was the last day of Virginia's tax-free weekend, and a lot of people took advantage of the holiday in Lynchburg.

The three-day holiday is designed so families can get all the school items they need. There's an official list of things that qualify for tax exemption, and some were surprised to find what counts as a "school supply."

For parents and students, shopping for back to school items can be a crazy time.

"We make a list whatever we have on our list, we attack and we go get it," said one of the moms who was out shopping with her high school daughter.

Ellen Aldrige is the manager at Target in Lynchburg and says most people come out during the tax-free weekend to get the basics.

"Crayons, pencils, pens, notebook paper...all the basic things that they're going to need to go back to school, if the item is $20 or less it's tax exempt," Aldrige said.

Besides school supplies, the list of things that qualify include clothing $100 or less. That includes jeans, shirts, shoes and dresses.

But some of the things considered as clothing were a bit surprising: Lingerie, garters, corsets and girdles.

Baby clothes, diapers, and costumes are also included.

What's more surprising are some of the things that don't qualify.

"No kind of sports equipment or anything like that is included," said Aldrige.

Customers still have to pay sales tax for cleats, chin guards and helmets.

"Sometimes it doesn't seem like there's a lot of rhyme and reason to as what's on the list," said another shopper.

Get the complete clothing and school supplies list of exempt items.