Tagg Romney Stops in Lynchburg to Campaign


Lynchburg, VA - Tagg Romney, Mitt Romney's oldest son, campaigned for his father in Lynchburg Thursday.

Tagg rode in on a Romney, Ryan campaign bus, and started speaking to supporters at about 6:15p.m., at the Republican Party Headquarters. This was all a part of the "Commit to Mitt, Early Vote Express." Romney family members are campaigning around the country this week on behalf of the Republican candidate.

Tagg spoke to the Lynchburg crowd for about 50 minutes, explaining to them why his Dad is the best man for the Presidency. He said he is committed to seeing his father take the White House in November.

He said some things that stirred a lot of emotion with his audience. One of which was that President Obama, "wants to bankrupt the coal industry." He went on to say the President has made the country worse for future generations.

Tagg spent time earlier in the day in Bristow, Virginia, and in Harrisonburg where he was at James Madison University. From Lynchburg, he headed to Charlottesville where he watched the Vice Presidential debate.


Lynchburg, VA - Mitt Romney's son Tagg stopped in Lynchburg Thursday to campaign for his dad.

He started speaking at about 6:15 p.m. at the Republican headquarters.

His stop was part of the Commit to Mitt Early Bus Express tour, which involves family members traveling the nation to speak to supporters.

Tagg Romney said he's committed to seeing his father taking the White House in November.

He'll be going to Charlottesville Thursday night where he plans to watch the Vice Presidential debate.