Syrian Refugees Who Are Victims Of Sex Trafficking Get Help From GFTW

Concord, VA- We often tell you how Gleaning For The World in Concord is collecting bottled water and canned goods for those in need. But now they are branching out to help women fleeing the war-torn country of Syria, rise above oppression and poverty they are facing due to sex trafficking.

These women have fled across the borders of Syria and now they're living in refugee camps, but these places of refuge are often anything but. Instead, wealthy men are buying these women, promising them better lives, but instead exploiting and abusing them, and then returning them to the camps. They are alone, with no way to support themselves.

It is a tragic cycle that Gleaning For the World is working to stop through sewing. The hope is teaching the women a new trade will give them the independence they need. They are accepting donations of sewing machines, materials, thread, and fabric. They say their first shipment of donations goes out to their partners surrounding Syria next week. They hope it will give women jobs and a hope.

Gleaning says they are also in need of gently used wedding dresses and evening gowns. Not because these women are getting married, but so they have examples to look at as they learn to sew. Once the women know how to they can rent out the wedding dresses and gowns to women who are getting married, and that gives them income too.

If you are interested in helping you can call (434) 993-3600 or email Daphne--