Sweet Briar College Students Use New Compost Program

Amherst, VA - A group of Sweet Briar College students are making sure their leftovers don't go to waste.

The school launched its new pilot compost program at lunch Wednesday.

It's part of National Sustainability Day, being celebrated by colleges all over the country.

Students estimate the composter will save 40 pounds worth of food a day from going into the landfill.

After seven weeks, the scraps will turn into a dirt-like substance and be used for gardening and landscaping on campus.

"Right now we're showing everyone on Sweet Briar's campus and in the community that it's possible here. It's not really that hard, just putting your food in another location," said Madeline Artibee, a student.

The composter was paid for by a $500 grant, applied for by students. It will be outside the school cafeteria for the rest of the week. Students hope it will become a larger initiative to recycle food.