Sweet Briar College Joins Effort to 'Save the Next Girl'

Amherst, VA - A group of Sweet Briar College students is joining a national fight to protect women from predators.

The school's 'Save the Next Girl' chapter is having its first meeting Thursday evening, part of a national non-profit network founded by the parents of Morgan Harrington.

Harrington's body was found in a remote farm in Albemarle County after disappearing from a Metallica Concert in Charlottesville four years ago.

Growing up in Charlottesville, Tyesha West knew all about Harrington's disappearance.

But when Alexis Murphy disappeared from the Liberty Gas Station in Lovingston, she couldn't sit still any longer.

"I would meet my little sister frequently at that location when she lived in Lynchburg. I don't know if that man wasn't watching my car or my little sister," West explained.

She started Sweet Briar's own 'Save the Next Girl' chapter, educating women on self defense and to recognize a predator.

"There are things going on outside of the pink bubble that I should be aware of," West added.

Kayla Dooms should know. Before coming to Sweet Briar, she played volleyball with Alexis Murphy for Nelson County High School.

"We still believe that she's gonna come home. That she's gonna come back to us. We never give up on someone of our own," Dooms said.

After seeing Tyesha West wearing a t-shirt with a picture of her former teammate, Dooms became one of the chapter's 17 members. She and West have since formed their own lasting friendship, in hopes of 'saving the next girl.'

Sweet Briar is now the sixth school with a 'Save the Next Girl' chapter, joining Virginia Tech, Walkersville High School in Maryland, Clemson University, Michigan State and Radford.