Sweet Briar College Gets Grant for Cabin Preservation

Videojournalist: Alana Austin

Lynchburg, VA -Sweet Briar College is working to preserve a piece of history on its campus.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation Fund recently awarded the college $2,500 to learn more about this slave cabin.

Experts believe it housed slaves from around the 1840s.

Archaeologists are studying the site right now and they say it is in excellent condition.

They even discovered a letter written by a slave - an anomaly for that time period.

"I think what's so important is that we don't let buildings like this be completely lost and just knocked down. And we do need to support them especially in a public grounds like Sweet Briar," said Sheila Alexander, Development Grants Officer for Sweet Briar College.

School officials also say they hope once the project is complete that it will present a more balanced side of history.

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