Suspicious Death Investigation In Rustburg

Reporter: Carleigh Griffeth | Photographer: Jemon Haskins

Rustburg, Va. - The Campbell County Sheriff's department is investigating a suspicious death that happened Friday night in Rustburg. Police were called to the 400 Block of Clarks Road around 5:30 p.m. Friday.

They found a man dead, under suspicious conditions. Senior Supervisory Investigator Mike Milnor of the Campbell County Sheriff's department said it would be a very late night for his crews.
He couldn't say much else though. They're still in the beginning stages of their investigation. Here's what we can tell you from being on the scene. There were multiple police vehicles on the scene, including an evidence collection van. The front entrance to the home was blocked with crime scene tape.
Deputies have not notified all of the victim's relatives yet, so they are not releasing a name. But neighbors describe him as a wonderful man, and say he will be missed.
"Older man, polite, nice. Do anything for anybody. Go down the road, stop, ask how the kids were. Let the kids go over to his house and hang out. Order pizzas for them. He just did anything for anybody,"said neighbor Shannon Epperson.
We'll be keeping a close eye on this story for you, and will bring you any details as soon as we get them.