Survivor of Islamic Terror Speaks at Rustburg Church

Rustburg, VA- Folks heard some powerful words Monday night at the Hyland Heights Baptist Church in Rustburg. Brigitte Gabriel spoke about the severity of radical Muslim terror in the U.S.

Gabriel has addressed the FBI, Congress and other government agencies on the topic. Monday she also talked about her past experiences with radical Islam, and why it has become such a big concern. She also educated those in attendance on why radical Islam is growing. Her main focus is to get more people involved in preventing the spread of terrorism in America.

"The threat of Radical Islam to world peace and our national security is real, and it is an American issue. It's not a Republican issue, it's not a Democratic issue, it's an American issue," said Gabriel.

Gabriel also says that in the last four years alone, 226 home grown terrorists have been arrested. 186 of those were Muslims.