Surveillance Cameras Become Mainstream Crime Fighting Tools

Lynchburg, VA - Surveillance footage has become more mainstream than many other forms of security. Years ago, it seemed untouchable. And today, it's changing the way of home security.

From nanny cameras to game-cams, inside and out, at work and at home, surveillance cameras are everywhere. And they're catching criminals.

"Our surveillance cameras showed that we had two people in here" said Brad Barden the General Manager of the Boonsboro Country Club.

This week at Boonsboro Country Club, surveillance video is aiding deputies in capturing two intruders who stole hundreds in cash from two pro shops.

"Most of the time I had them set up in the woods and then when I saw the same thing getting a little suspicious, I just brought it in and set it up" said a homeowner who used his game camera to catch an intruder.

This man took his game camera, usually used to track deer, and stuck it in a cheerios box to catch a burglar in action.

"Well, a picture is worth a thousand words" said Cindy Kozerow.

Kozerow is a crime prevention specialist with the Lynchburg Police Department. She said cameras have undeniable evidence; if you've got a clear picture of your suspect, it's case closed.

"The detection of crime is always paramount and it is important I think as a tool to help deter the crime as well as helping solve the crime" said Kozerow.

A Google search revealed that consumers' options for home surveillance cameras are endless. From affordable to outlandish, all are available online.

"Systems that would've cost tens of thousands of dollars ten years ago are now, several hundred dollars. It's a wonderful investigative assistance in making arrests and prosecuting criminals" said Kozerow.

And they're being used on a wide spectrum of cases; surveillance footage of the Boston bombing suspects would eventually lead to an arrest, in that case. They are proving to be more valuable every day; cities in the U.S. have installed them on street corners to aid in arrests in rape cases.