Obama and Romney Supporters Host Debate Watch Parties

Lynchburg, VA - Many in our area watched the debate. In Lynchburg, Republicans and Democrats hosted debate watch parties.

It's often said politics can be boring, but not to these people. Their thoughts were we watch sporting competitions among friends; so, why not watch with fans of the same team?

Like cheers at a baseball game, "Fired up Ready to go!" Fans of team Obama hosted their watch party in their campaign headquarters.

"It's a lot of fun to watch a baseball game at home. But it's even more fun when you're watching it sitting on the line drive," said Obama supporter, Maria Childress.

"I'm personally not a sports person, but I get very fired up about politics. I love hearing about the different sides and competing, almost like fantasy football," said Obama supporter, Victoria Lind.

A crowd of supporters came to watch with friends and food. Team Obama made it a night for campaigning as well. "Hi, I'm calling from the Obama campaign," said one campaign volunteer.

Across town, team Romney gathered and rooted for their guy.

"When we come together and we watch the messaging of the candidates tonight, I think it's going to help us sort of unify our message as we go out and speak to our friends and neighbors and co-workers, and talk about the positive message Mitt Romney has," said Republican State Senator, Tom Garrett.

"Every time you hear Obama say a certain word or phrase, we're going to mark down a little bingo thing here," said Romney supporter, Leah Zawasky.

Some fun, some food, all among friends, while watching the first presidential debate of the election.

"I guess this is as close as we're going to come to a sporting event. I guess this is no different than pulling for your team," said Garrett. "When you're with other fans, you get more excited, it's more fun, you kind of feed off each other," said Childress.

The next "game" is Thursday, October 11th. That will be the vice presidential debate. These fans said they're already planning similar parties.