Supervisors Hold Off on Approving Mining Resolution

Chatham, VA - At least for now, the Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors will not be sending a resolution to Richmond, asking legislators to keep the state moratorium on uranium mining.

This decision comes following a heated board meeting, with almost two hours of public comment.

Supervisors voted four to two Monday, to move discussion of a resolution to a legislative committee meeting on October 16th.

The meeting proved to be perhaps one of the most contentious board meetings this year. More than 20 residents got up to voice their opinion on the resolution, which was drafted by supervisor Marshall Ecker.

Most were in favor; pleading the board to take a stand against mining. One woman compared the board to Judas, saying that they were selling out their constituents.

The resolution, urges the governor and state lawmakers to keep the moratorium on uranium mining.

Ecker gave a lengthy presentation of why his resolution was a necessary one, citing a slew of potential environmental and health hazards that studies have found to be associated with mining.

Ecker said Pittsylvania County was ground zero for uranium mining, and that the state and country were looking to their board for direction on this always controversial topic.

"We've got the east coast watching because there are other deposits on the east coast. If we allow it here, then it will open Pandora's box to go ahead and start mining in other areas of the country," he said.

Following the presentation by Ecker, the room erupted into a standing ovation, but even that wasn't enough to convince this board to send it to Richmond.