Superintendent Makes Safety Improvement Recommendations

Lynchburg, VA - School safety in Lynchburg is good, but it can be better, according to Superintendent, Dr. Scott Brabrand.

He spoke Tuesday night at the city school board meeting.

Following Friday's deadly shootings, Brabrand announced he, along with other school officials took a hard look at school safety.

Tuesday, he presented a series of recommendations improving safety at all city schools, including the redeployment of middle school resource officers, upgrades to classroom security capabilities, and having a security assistant at every elementary school.

He's hoping many of the recommendations will be implemented as soon as January.

"We're also going to do more collaboration with the Lynchburg Police Department, Fire Department, and other public safety officials around crisis training. I think we've done a good job in Lynchburg, but the truth is the events of Friday, we need to be doing a great job" he said.

Budget amendments to accommodate the recommendations will be presented to city council sometime next year.