Summer Reading by Shelley Basinger

I'm reading a really good book right now. Maybe you've heard of it. The Hunger Games? Yeah, I've heard that a few people or so have read it. It may or may not have been in the theaters too. It's definitely a page-turner; one those books you can read in a couple of days on the beach.

That's one thing I love about summer. I don't know if it's just the time spent lounging around outside, the fact that it stays lighter longer, or maybe extra Vitamin D from the sun increases your mind's ability to focus. But during the summer, I can tear through some books. I say to myself every year, "Okay, once the fall comes don't stop this wonderful trend. You're going to be so smart reading all of these books." But I usually end up picking up where I left off in late April.

So that being said, now to the classic pickup line - read any good books lately? If so, send them my way. Maybe if I start a really solid list I can keep reading even when it's 45 degrees outside and gets dark at 5:30.