Summer Heat by Matt Ferguson

August Prediction

So far this summer it seems like we have been doing a lot of sweating to say the least. Fortunately we are now past the climatological peak for high temperatures. That occurred on July 22th when the average high temperature dropped from 87 to 86. Of course, from here on out each passing week's normal high temperatures will slowly fall. By the first day of fall, September 22nd the average high will be down to 76.

While we had a warm winter, our summer actually started a bit cooler than average. In June we enjoyed a cool weather pattern. This caused June 2012 to be cooler than normal for both Lynchburg and Danville. The cool didn't last for long, as the end of the month was a scorcher. On June 29th, the day of the derecho or intense damaging windstorm, the area saw the highest temperatures so far this summer. Lynchburg: 103 & Danville: 104 July continued to be a month of very hot conditions, with highs consistently in the 90s to near 100. So far this month temperatures are averaging 4 to 5 degrees above normal. This summer Danville has endured 7 100 plus degree days and Lynchburg 3.

The rest of the summer looks to remain hot for us, however I feel it is safe to say we have seen the highest extreme heat already. Hopefully we will not have any more 100 degree or higher temperatures. While this summer has been scorching hot numerous days, at least we have seen our daily share of hit or miss showers and thunderstorms. We are very fortunate in that regard, as we have all heard about the terrible drought that has plagued the corn fields of the Plains and Midwest.

I wanted to briefly share the outlook for this coming winter. Right now there are several indications that it could be a very cold winter for the eastern part of the nation. Also going into an El Nino weather pattern precipitation amounts are likely to be higher. So if it's looking colder than normal, with above average precipitation, well maybe we could be looking at a lot of white stuff this winter. In the coming months we'll have more information on the winter 2012/2013. Until then, do what you can to stay cool in the high heat and humidity!