Summer Fun Can Lead To Hearing Loss

The sounds of summer.Just hearing them brings a smile to our face.But what if you couldn't hear them anymore?It's a very real problem, that audiologists like like Dr. Danny Gnewikow at Audiology Hearing Aid Associates deal with more and more. Dr. Gnewikow says "If you're exposed to high levels of noise, and your ears are ringing, then you know that that noise was loud enough to be potentially damaging."Many different summer activities create sounds above 80 decibels, which is considered to be harmful to hearing, over long periods of time.Mowing the lawn? The blades can chop your hearing with around 90 decibels. Taking in a NASCAR race? Those cars can exceed 130 decibels, while those prime front row seats at the big concert can peak at a ear-ringing 150 decibels!

For these types of activities, doctors say using ear protection, like these earplugs are crucial. It's also important to check the on the back, to see how effective the plugs will be in protecting your hearing." Another issue is the increased usage of earbuds, typically packaged with smartphones and MP3 players. Dr. Gnewikow says you need to manage your earbud volume carefully, saying "It's not having the earbud in the ear, or even how much you have it in, it's the intensity of the signal."Whether on the job, or out for the summer, doctors say simple planning ahead can prevent you from missing out on the sounds of summer.Keeping an extra pair of small earbuds in your car or purse only costs a few dollars, and can help prepare you for surprise summer fun. The potential damage of not preparing, says Dr. Gnewikow, can't be fixed, saying "That is the problem with the type of hearing loss, resulting from noise exposure, in that it is permanent and irreversible."