Summer Business Booming Early

Campbell Co., VA - Though summer is not officially here just yet, you can certainly feel it in the air. {}And now, seasonal businesses are gearing up for the crowds.

We found some busy summer spots Thursday, and it was pretty hot out there, which can be pretty draining. That's when you need{}two things: Something cold and somewhere to relax. We found people in our area taking advantage of both.

"It's been a long winter so it was nice to come outside and just sit out here and read and just enjoy the sun," said Kayla Gruver, an LU{}student.

The mercury is steadily rising in Central Virginia. In Forest, folks took in some rays at Liberty University's Ivy Lake.

"I'm so excited! I really love to tan,"{}said Gruver.

"I've been like dying to tan," said Elisa Medina,{}LU student.

Seasonal ice cream shops are churning out the sweet stuff. I Scream You Scream changed location from last year, and they have{}been busy marketing their new location.

"We were a little worried because we originally opened up in Rustburg,"{}said Phillip Spence, co-owner of{}I Scream You Scream.

But what better way to show people where you are than with a dancing ice-cream cone.

"I'll stand out here for an hour at a time. It just gets too hot. I've gotta take this thing off," said Becka Vance, employee at{}I{}Scream, You Scream talking about her ice-cream cone costume.

And when she does, "It's quite stinky," admitted Vance.

But at least it's working.

"Literally, when she goes up on the road and dances, we'll see five,{}six or{}seven cars roll in the parking lot based on her dancing," said Spence.

The I Scream You Scream Grand Opening is this Saturday. This year they'll be extending their hours from noon - 10 p.m. seven days a week.