Study: Tourism Pumping Millions into the Lynchburg Area Economy

Lynchburg, VA - A new study reveals that tourism pumps $20.5 million into Central Virginia's economy.

The money is not exclusively from what visitors are spending here, it is, rather, the exact return Central Virginia is getting on its marketing investment. The investment costs a much lower $850 thousand.

Jack Yager with TopLine Branding did the study. He presented his findings to the tourism industry Tuesday afternoon.

Yager talked about how tourism has changed the last five years: First the economic downtown, then the digital revolution, and the rise of precision marketing with social media.

Many echo just what a great number $20.5 million is for Central Virginia.

"Truthfully, every day they have to make decisions on where they're going to spend their dollars, what they are going to do. But, we have this great economic dollar amount to at least look at and say, 'We are contributing as a tourism business,'" said Jack Yager with TopLine Branding.

City Council right now has tourism and how to manage and fund it under a microscope.

Council member H. Cary was at Tuesday's big announcement. He encouraged tourism professionals to contact other city council members to make their case.