Study to Fix Lynchburg's Wards Ferry Rd.

Lynchburg, VA - For people living near Wards Ferry Road, traffic is a nightmare. But a study is underway right now to figure out how to fix the problem.

Region 2000's behind the study with help from others like VDOT. But, researchers really want to hear from people living near Wards Ferry Road.

Region 2000 wants to find short-term, low-cost solutions like additional turning lanes. But, people living there have their own ideas. And when we showed up, they weren't afraid to tell us what they want.

So, what's got two lanes, but enough traffic for four? You guessed it: Wards Ferry Road in Lynchburg. Just ask people living nearby. Friday, we did.

"The traffic has increased by 100 times," said Kyle Cyrus.

The Cyrus' have lived off Wards Ferry on Atlanta Avenue for 52 years. Kyle Cyrus can also count that in mailboxes lost.

"I've replaced this mailbox here four times," said Kyle.

Kyle says many drivers ignore the speed limit. If only he could ignore the loud traffic.

"Do you miss the days when it was like living in the country?" we asked. "Yes, I do. I can come to my mailbox without fear of being hit," said Kyle.

"O, they are scared to death we are going to get killed," said Jeanette Cyrus, talking about her children's fear of the road.

According to Lynchburg Police, Wards Ferry Road has a record.

"Over the last year to date, we've had 27 accidents on Wards Ferry Road between Timberlake Road and Wards Road," said Capt. Ryan Zuidema with LPD.

Those statistics have gotten the attention of Region 2000's Bob White. He's been studying the Wards Ferry corridor.

"I've seen the increase in traffic. It is a safety issue and the concerns we are hearing are legitimate," said White.

Helen Mays has lived in the neighborhood since 1960. And saw Wards Road boom before her eyes. She has concerns, but stays diplomatic.

"So, you don't like it hear," we asked. "Well, I like it. I don't like the situation," Mays said.

The hope is Region 2000's study will change that. But, until a fix happens, drivers be warned: "What would you tell people who routinely drive through here?" we asked Kyle. "Stay out," he said with a smile.

Region 2000 has gotten input from the neighborhood this week. They're planning a second meeting for early May. Then, they'll wrap up the study and send it to the planning commission and city council for a look.