Study Shows Pesticides May Contribute to Causing Autism

A new study out of California suggests commercial pesticides could have something to do with causing autism. A professor of epidemiology at the Mind Institute at University of California took data showing where pesticides were sprayed and matched that to the addresses of pregnant women. He found those women showed a 60 percent higher risk of having a child with autism. The pesticides used contained organophosphates a class of compounds mostly phased out of home sprays but it's still used in commercial applications. Some of the chemicals used in pesticides are being phased out because they have many health risks not just those linked to autism.{} The Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services regulates pesticides and anyone who applies them commercially has to be certified. All commercial applicators and businesses are required to keep records of what they apply and organophosphates, the compound the study links to autism, are legal in Virginia.

Even if applied properly by a certified applicator, these substances could be affecting your health.

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