Study: More Teens Using Phones for Internet, Businesses Take Notice

Lynchburg, VA - A new study released by the Pew Research Center shows more teens own smartphones. It also says three out of four teens use a cell phone, tablet or a mobile device to go online instead of a computer.

Alyson Sivers is one of those people. She says she loves her iPhone.

"I use it all the time. When I have Internet, I'm always on it."

And she's not alone. The study says more teens are using their smartphones for the Internet. That includes social media, web searches and phone apps.

Beckie Nix is the director for Discover Lynchburg, the tourism agency for the city. She says they're getting ready to launch a whole new phone app.

"Teens are part of our local population so when they're out looking, 'What can we do this weekend? Where can we get together? Where can we go?' Definitely we want to be able to have the information accessible for them as well," she said.

The app includes a Google map service that allows you to search for restaurants, shops and museums. It will also create a profile for you.

"To determine if you're an outdoor junkie or history buff and kind of help you decide, 'While I'm in this area, what are the kind of things I'd like to do?'"

But most exciting for Nix, the new app will incorporate Lynchburg's Carrot Saver app to show daily deals.

"Restaurants that that day have a special or hotels who that day are offering a package. Those things will be marked by the carrot symbol," she said.

And that's something Sivers will definitely use. In fact, she's already familiar with the Carrot app.

"We're going to go somewhere and use an app right now actually. Use a coupon right now."

The Discovery Lynchburg app will be available on the Android or iPhone by the beginning of April. The agency is also using #LynchburgVa in its ads to encourage people to share what they love about the city. You can use the hashtag on social media like Twitter and Instagram.