Students Take Part in Walk to School Day

Lynchburg, VA - Lynchburg's sidewalks were a lot busier than usual Wednesday morning as students and their teachers walked to school.

We were there as a crowd of kids made their way to Perrymont Elementary. Walk to School Day is part of the city's "Safe Routes to School" Program. It's geared at making walking and biking to school safer and more appealing to families.

"I think it's cool because it's like fun for people to walk and talk. And, it's good exercise," said Perrymont ES student Arianda Clark.

"The kids should be able to get out and get a little exercise at the same time, and enjoy what we used to do when we were growing up, we walked to school," grandparent Steve Dearing.

Another goal of Walk to School Day is to show families how important it is to stay active.