Students & School Leaders React to Deadly Accident in Bedford Co.

Bedford Co., VA - The car accident in Bedford County Wednesday morning that killed two teens and injured two others happened as the school day was starting at Staunton River High School, where the two victims went to school.

There were counselors and school resource officers there all day to help the students.

The deputy assigned to Staunton River High School was at the accident scene on Route 24, and that's where he learned the students were two of his own.

The driver, Jacob Baird, 17, was a senior on the football team, number 82. A picture of him was posted on a Golden Eagle football fan site in his memory.

Around lunchtime, the football team and other students gathered around the flag pole to remember Jacob and Katie Thurston, 16, who was a passenger.

Sgt. David Mays is in charge of school resource officers in Bedford County and was previously assigned to Staunton River. He's seen his share of accidents involving students in his time and says it never gets easier.

"SROs get really close with some of these kids. If you don't know them by name, and you don't know a whole lot about them personally or their families, you still see them every day you see their friends. There's a whole lot of emotions to deal with," said Mays.

Mays says Thurston's mother was at the crash site Wednesday and the school resource officer held her back, away from the car. He then reported to the high school to help the students.