Students Prepare for Danville Area Spelling Bee

Danville,VA-- Even though it's a Saturday, some elementary and middle-schoolers in Danville were studying very, very hard.

That's because Danville had their city-wide Spelling Bee this afternoon at Averett University's Blount Chapel.

According to the some students participating, this is something that takes a lot of preparation, but it's also something that is very rewarding.

Just as any high schooler would thoroughly prepare for their SATs, fifth graders Dakota McBride and Kensley Yeatts, have been thoroughly studying for the Danville city-wide Spelling Bee.

"I look over them whenever I can, just by myself and try to spell them on my own and whenever I'm at home, I try to get my mom to ask some to me," said Kensley

"I would look over it and spell them all to myself, and then my dad would come in, and he's, like, come on let's study," said McBride.

They both are students at Schoolfield Elementary. Kensley won first place at the school spelling bee in January and Dakota won second place. That qualified them to represent their school in the city-wide spelling bee-- which they say is no walk in the park.

"There were a lot of words, there's like about 22 pages of words," said Yeatts.

"When I first saw it, I was like, umm, how am I supposed to do this," said McBride.

"It's like Spanish, and Arabic and Slavic, and German and Japanese," said Yeatts.

And the list goes on, but both students have strategies that may help them spell their way to a win.

"They tell me the word, I think about it, sound it out and then I spell it," said McBride.

"I just try to close my eyes, think about how the word looks, and like write it on my hand with my finger before I say it," said Yeatts.

All the participants of the spelling bee today were 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th graders.

The winner of the spelling bee will represent Danville Area Schools in Washington DC, at the National Finals on May 28 through May 30th.