Students Have Hard Time Crossing Lynchburg Road

Lynchburg, VA - There's a stretch of road in Lynchburg a lot of people are concerned about. Odd Fellows Road near the Expressway has a lot of traffic and a lot of Liberty University students living nearby.

For years, Liberty University students have been living at the LU Annex with little problem. But, this semester LU started housing students in a second hotel across the street. And that means every day students are crossing a busy road.

"We've almost got hit a couple times," said Caitlin Phoebus, an LU student.

"It's kind of like playing chicken or playing froggie," said Melody Miller, an LU student.

Miller crosses just about every day. Sometimes by the skin of her teeth.

"It wooshes by and you're kind of blown a bit. And then you start crossing because you think it's clear and then, oh, look, there's a white truck there. Oh, shoot, run," said Miller.

Liberty University says they and the city, studied the road looking for the safest option for students. Their finding: Have a bus available to students every six to eight minutes to help them cross. But hang around for five minutes, and it's clear not all students are using the bus.

So what about a crosswalk, maybe even a stoplight? Not found to be the safest options, says LU. Still, students have their own ideas.

"I would like to see a bridge. A crosswalk would be nice, but a bridge would be perfect," said Michelle Haney, an LU student.

To test the thing ourselves, we crossed Odd Fellows. First up, videographer Jemon Haskins. Next, me and Tyler, our intern. First, we thought strategy.

"As long as you don't stop in the median," Reporter Mark Kelly said.

Then, the plunge.

"I think we're safe to go. No, wait, wait, wait," said Kelly.

ABC 13 asked Liberty University officials if they'd consider going back to the drawing board and think about a pedestrian crosswalk. Spokesperson Johnnie Moore said anything is possible. But lots of time and energy were put in to determining that the buses are the safest option.