Students Graduate from Weekend College with DCC and University of Richmond

Danville, VA-- Most of us look forward to the weekend as time to relax, but students in Danville, go to class and hit the books.

Danville Community College partnered with the University of Richmond to offer a convenient way for working adults to get a bachelors degree. It's called the Weekend College program.

Every Friday and Saturday for two years, while their peers enjoy time off, six students were at Danville Community College, keeping their nose in the books.

"A lot of reading, a lot researching but it's a sense of accomplishment," said Craig Warren, a graduate.

The students graduated from Weekend College, a partnership between the University of Richmond and Danville Community College. It's a program designed for working adults to earn a liberal arts degree in two years.

"At the time I was a single mom to twin girls and they were five years old, and it kind of fit into my schedule as a working adult and I had my weeknights for them," said Renae Doss Nicholas, a graduate.

"We kind of threw the liberal arts curriculum up in the air and brought it down to nine courses and these would help an individual acquire a grasp of the entire liberal arts curriculum by going on Friday nights and Saturdays," said Dan Roberts, Chair of Liberal Arts School for Continuing and Professional Studies at the University of Richmond.

"It's a lot of hard work, I'm not going to build it up that it's not hard work," said Doss Nicholas.

But Renae Doss Nicholas said it would have been a lot more work if she had to get her degree the traditional way.

"It would have been tough, it would have been tough," said Doss Nicholas.

"It's great to see people reaching their educational goals and doing it in a way that means they can continue with other parts of their lives," said Roberts.

"I'm on top of the world, wonderful, a great feeling of accomplishment, and I'm smart," said Doss Nicholas.