Students and Faculty Hold Vigil in Honor of Lynchburg College Student

Lynchburg, VA - No answers on exactly how 19-year-old Nick Johnson, a sophomore at Lynchburg College, passed away.

He was found dead in his dorm room on Sunday.

Monday night, his friends and classmates gathered on campus to hold a vigil in his honor.

From talking to students and faculty, it is clear Johnson left quite the impression on the campus. He was involved in club lacrosse, had plenty of friends, everyone here had great things to say about the nineteen year old from Edison New Jersey.

That's why Monday morning, students and administrators decided to hold a vigil in Johnson's honor.

It began at 10 p.m., in the school's chapel. From the start of the service, it was standing room only, because there were so many people.

Some of his professors, academic advisers and friends all spoke about him.

The ceremony was broken into three major parts: remembering Nick the student, Nick the athlete, and Nick our friend.

"His smile, and little scruffy chin hairs invited you into a conversation when you met him. He loved his family in New Jersey, and he loved his family here at Lynchburg College" said one LC faculty member.

"Right now we're kind of feeling like we lost a member not only of our community, but of our family. So it's really touching everyone, even if we didn't know him directly" said student body VP, Matt Anderson.

School officials are waiting on an autopsy report before announcing what exactly it was the claimed Johnson's life. They say for now, all signs point to an isolated situation, possibly related to a chronic illness.